Thursday, July 31, 2014

Archbishop Hernandez to visit parish.

His Excellency The Most Reverend Chris M. Hernandez, DD, Coadjutor-Archbishop has informed the parish he will make a pastoral visit during the time frame of August 6th - 9th. I quickly informed the good Archbishop through our Vicar General that this was during the madness of our garage sale preparations for August 9th to which he responded " I am coming prepared to work". 

Alas I greatly fear our good Archbishop has no idea of what he is opening himself up to with the ladies of the parish in their whirlwind preparations! 

First Annual Garage & Bake Sale

Yes, its that time of the year for all the ladies of the parish to start cleaning out from the recesses of their closets all those odds and ends they no longer deem as being necessary. It is also true for their male counterparts to rummage around in their shops and garages to do likewise.

There will be tables available for outside vendors and a local restaurant has offered to sit up a bar-b-Que grill to sell hamburgers and hot dogs with the parish receiving a nice percentage of the sales.

Should you be in the neighborhood on August 9 come on by for some good bargains and food

New Sign for the Parish

The parish had a banner erected to announce our entry into the church neighborhood of Centerton, AR. As with all banners time , wind and the other elements have take their best shot and won.

At our previous Parish Council meeting a select committee was formed to look into designing a sign and seeing how much it would cost. This past Sunday they made their report and two designs were offered. A selection was made and the vote was unanimous to move forward in purchasing the sign.

The sign company is supposed to have the sign installed before this weekend but with the rain continuing off and on it may be next week just in time for the garage sale.

Old news, New format.

This is an attempt to make the parish news more relevant and available to those who follow our progress as a parish.